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Fenty Beauty Roundup

Fenty Beauty Roundup

Alright, ya'll! I've gotten so many requests to share my thoughts on products from the Fenty Beauty mini haul I did at Sephora in January. Even though I'm on team Make My Bank Account Great Again, I did manage to pick up several items from the plethora of goodies that Fenty Beauty offers. I must say that I've never been a fan of dropping tons of cash in exchange for a beat! Most makeup artists will tell you that application technique often takes precidence over product and I'd have to agree. In the past, I've been able to make my face up with a mix of brand name and drug store products. Has this haul changed the game? Sort of.


So here it goes - straight, no chaser:

Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation: Cashing in at $34, this foundation has the ability to build from medium to full coverage and comes in 40 shades. In my opinion, this is a GOAT. When we walk through the heavenly gates, we'll be wearing THIS foundation and I couldn't think of a more perfect name. The product really *IS* a filter for your face and it lasts for hours. It's easy to apply and while it has a matte finish, it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or flaky. I am an oily skin type, so foundations with a matte finish are my go-to. That being said, I can't vouch for how the formula will fare on dry or combination skin types. But as for ME and MY face, we wearin' that good good Pro Filt'r! Issa 10/10.

Match Stix Trio: Talk about a brilliant concept! The Match Stix Trio includes cream concealer, contour and highlight stix. They come in 20 shades that you can customize to fit your skin tone. The contour and highlight stix are my absolute favorite! They blend into the skin flawlessly and make my setting process a breeze. I'm not a total fan of the highlight stick formula. It's a bit too sheer for me and doesn't quite provide the coverage I need for my under eye area so, I'd advise that you try it at your own risk. In my book the trio is still a steal, coming in at $54. Issa 8/10.

KILLA WATT: Rolling on in at $34, Fenty Beauty boasts that these duo highlighters are cream-powder hybrids that range from subtle to supercharged. I purchased the GIRL NEXT DOOR/CHIC PHREAK combo and it has become a permanent fixture on my face. The product glides flawlessly onto the skin for all day shine without making you look like you've been rolling in grandma's old container of bacon grease. Issa 9/10.

GLOSS BOMB: If you're Betty on a Budget and can't swing anything else - get this for $19. Fenty Beauty describes it as a universal lip luminizer. I describe it as a gloss party for yo lips! What's so phenomenal to me about the product is how long lasting it is. I mean, it gives my lips the shine of life for HOURS. Issa 10/10.

STUNNA LIP PAINT: For $24 this liquid lipstick is a winner, winner chicken dinner! The color is bold and the matte finish lasts and lasts...and lasts. My only complaint is the application process. The product does tend to spread and can leave my lips looking messy if I don't take my time. Issa 8.5/10.

INVISIMATTE Blotting Paper: If you're like me and live to be a lil' extra, then this blotting paper is definitely worth checking out. Living in the south, sometimes all of my attempts at staying matte throughout the day fail me and I need a little help. This blotting paper comes to my rescue er'y time and the super cute, small insert design makes it fit to throw in any bag. For $16, it can't be beat. Issa 10/10.

Fenty Beauty products are currently sold at Sephora and FentyBeauty.com. Have you tried or are you planning to try anything from the line? Lemme know in the comments or on Insta @adriennenicholexo!


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